Sunday, August 31, 2008


Today is my father's birthday.My father did not invent a new element,win the booker prize,save people from a burning train or been to jail.My dad is just like me casual,funny and normal , like most of us.
Till first or second standard i used to think that my dad was the one who gave birth to me.Later on with help from other enlightened minds at school i understud that fathers' dont give birth to babies.Dad is in the sales job ,marketing ,sales ,monthly meetings and stuff like that he is busy most of the time.My dad got married when he was 24(very young).My mom is hindu and dad belonged to a super orthodox christinan fly.Ive never once seen my dad impose his relogion or beliefs on mom or me.Dad's never had enough time to spend with us he was not working on a nine to five government job.Even weekend offs are scarce in his job.
I got my first cycle when i was in first standard .It was dad's gift when i stood first in my class.I learnt to follow my dreams from my dads example.My dad never tells anyone to do anything.when i was a kid dad used to go on officcial trips frequently.I always used to wait for him to come home and show him some stupid picture i drew or tell him how i fought with my friends i used to hav a lot of things to tell.And always dad used to bring some gift or another for me.
My dad never told me to work hard,he never told me to set any kind of future goal and work towards it or sum similar crap.But he showed me from his own life that there is no substitute for hard work .my dad din't have any fancy degree or rich parents(his grandparents were rich though).He was a simple man who started his life with an old scooter ,a B.A sociology degree,a young wife and big dreams.Dad told me that the only person i can depend on in this whole wide world is "me".Today dad holds a good position in a company with a fat salary
but he still is simple.
Today on his birth day i dint get him any gift(wats the use in getting him sumthing frm the pocket money he gives me).For the first time i understud that dad was growing old .this birthday was not about cakes and greeting cards.Im not feeling sad.Im happy.Happy because im growing up.Happy because slowly i will have to take his place in the family.Happy because one fine day ill grow up to earn enuf money to get my dad a nice gif and pay billst.Happy because i have dreams that are going to come true.Happy because i can share my dads responsiblities .happy because i kno my dad has raised me as a strong independent woman .Happy because i think i can make him proud.
Dad i dont know if u will have enuf time to read my blog but if u read it this is wat i want to tell you:
"dad i love you .You are the strongest person ive ever seen.You are the best dad in the entire world(this is what most kids say ,and most of them mean it).thanks dad for all the valuable lessons you hav taught me"
By ,
Swathi Leoni Paul