Monday, December 29, 2008

My Corner Of The World

I’m a woman. At least that’s what the people in this corner of the globe call creatures created like me. I’m a child bearing machine .Education is not for lesser known beings like me. Men are Beings I help create, nurture and protect. Those beings who make my life miserable. It is the same blood and flesh. But the difference is hidden somewhere beneath the skin. Someplace called the society, which narrows down to you and me ,at some point. Something called humanity, which is just a fantasy in my corner of the globe. I call it my corner of the globe.
I’m clothed from head to toe. I’ve never been to school. I’m a commodity that gets sold to a sack of flesh and bones, with out a heart. I don’t have a choice. My life is not under my control. Its manipulated my millions of invisible doctrines and baseless beliefs .In my part of the world one women dies every 27 minutes due to complications during pregnancy. The reasons are quite simple:
In my corner of the globe women are not allowed access to education. And men don’t allow women to visit male doctors.(how do people handle this situation here, women are not allowed education. that means they cant study to become doctors. And they are not allowed to visit male doctors)This means pregnancies are handled by incompetent mid wives. This is the reason that for every 100,000 births 6500 young mothers die, each year. Young means most of these girls are below 16 years of age.
Women are incomplete with out men in their lives,atleast thats wat ppl belive in ,in my corner of the globe.65% of widows in my corner of the world resort to suicide .This is a peek into my corner of the world after the Taliban left it:
“Kandhar schoools empty after acid attack on girls
“This year, the rate of violence against women in Kunduz, especially rape of small girls has increased by two times compared to last year. Expressing concern over this situation”
“,Afghan education authorities say they are facing a difficult task of convincing parents to send their daughters to school as attacks on female students have increased in recent months. Three girls sustained severe burns in the southern town of Kandahar earlier in the week when unknown men sprayed acid on up to 15 girls
"more than 80% of afghans face mental health problems"
“More than 80% Afghans are faced by due to long war and economic depravity, where as child stress has increased by 30%, compared to the past”

“ “As Afghanistan's most senior and most famous female police officer, based in the country's ultra-conservative south, Lieut.-Col. Malalai Kakar knew she was a marked woman. On Sunday, two days after taking part in a Canadian event to mark the end of Islam's holiest month, insurgents grimly confirmed her fears, shooting Kakar dead as she left her house”
There is no law to check crimes againt women in my corner of the world.Since it ia a corner I cant run or hide.Im just waiting.Waiting in darkness.against time,with hope.Hope for a better tomorrow for my daughters.
K this is what I would have felt if I lived in Afghanistan. Women are the same all over r the globe, whether in a corner or at the centre. This is my reaction towards an article I read a few days back in the news paper about girls at schools in afghan being attacked .

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Movies nd me

OK ,Me watching movies is a little rare. I cant sit in a dark theatre for three hours and watch some larger than life-joker dance/fight/romance around. But I do have some peculiar habits while watching a movie:
We were a gang of ten girls from school fondly called the last bench gang, for all bad reasons(“last bench “itself says it all).So after our boards we went for this movie called YAAR ADI NEE MOHINi. Starring ollikucchi odumukaran dhanush, constipated gorilla nayanthara(Is she seriously incapable of acting or is there some problem with her facial muscles???)and america mapilai karthik(he acts well.Thats the only reason why he is not seen much in movies,.Its koli-wood ppl.)with this kind of a star cast where the hero looks like the heroines adopted son. There was not much scope for entertainment.
So we went to the theatre well equipped with whistles. And when ever karthik came on screen we whistled our lungs out.Plus comments like “I love karthik””hey naan unne kalyanam pannikaren nayan veenam(I will marrry you chuck nayanthara)”ect. Was our speciality. After the interval a security fraud walked up to us. Neatly demanded all our whistles and took them away. I dint part with my whistle. The last benchers were suppressed by a male chauvinistic society. But we will raise again.
When ever I go for movies with my parents my brother sits next to me. Our fight is more interesting than the hero villan adi thadi. The last time we had a mega fight inside the theater was during subramaniapuram. My bro emptied an entire packet of popcorn on me. He got royally screwed ,for his behavior by my parents and I had fun watching him getting scolded.
The last movie I cried was LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE when I watched it for the 5th time on T.V.I don’t know, I remembered prarthasarathy thatha ,he died when I was in sixth std.
I remember one of my friends tell me that she cried when Anderson(The american cop in vetaiyadu vilayadu) died in vetaiadu vilayadu. I can quote a guy from my class saying ”CHE naan king kong padam pathu aluthen da.Paavam anda korangu(I cried while watching king knog ya.poor monkey)”Plus its really weird but I cry at the ending of all happy ending romantic movies (If the movie is good)anandha kaneer(Tears of joy I guess).Even though I don’t believe in the concept of happily ever after.
#4first bench/last bench syndrome
This is really irritating. Try to Picture this situation:
Crowed movie theatre/you own couch along with friends. You are really thrilled to watch this movie which others say is great. But lets say friend of yours has already watched this movie. He/she irritates you by giving away crucial details of the plot. Bugs you with “I KNOW WHT HAPPENS NEXT”. This is like an last bencher learning something and trying to prove amongst his co-last benchers that he is really smart. I call it the last bench syndrome. The entire soul of the movie is lost in his/ her half bakesd translation.
Well another type is what I prefer terming the ” first benchers syndrome”. Just like the first benchers who come up with totally unrelated doubts which the lecturer cant answer these peopl wont just stop asking questions.
They don’t understand the movie. They don’t understand the characters .the bug you with “who is he””who killed whom””what did he just say?”you lose interest in the movie soon after answering 25 questions per second.
OK I’m not talking about art films/documentaries here. It happens in Chennai theaters. You sit to get away from all pressures of the outside world to immerse your soul in some baseless story.Thats when the lover birds come in.
Usually a totally clueless giggly girl usually with a boy friend who gives this “I Know what I want from my life “expression on his face. With his bile key in one hand he walks as if he owns the theatre..The perform some romance scenes from the film live in front of your eyes. Usually the damsel is on her mans shoulders trying to read the meaning of her life in his eyes.This helps esp. if the movie is bad. The parallel cinema going on right next to your seat is helpful to wile time. But the contents are meant only for an audience above 18.sadly there is no censor board for parallel cinema.
Well If your life resembled a cinema this is how it would be:
.You are a son of a widow merit student.NOW heroine entry. She gets wet in the rain wearing the clothes her parents bought for her when she was seven. She is usually fair .always with beautiful hair and looks good from all angles. She falls madly in love with, even though you look like a karapanpoochi(cockroach).her father is also an industrialist. Now probably the only sensible guy in the movie is the heroines’ dad.
He bashes you up for messing around with his daughter. Then you decide to fight back. All of a suden you fight like you are Jackie Chan’s adopted son, and like your great grand father devised kung fu.IN between you romance with your heroine in swiss.Rain dance,comedia trying to inspire social change. The list goes on. I don’t find an apt way to end the tale.
.Im not a movie buff.But these are a few things I noticed about movies and movie watchers.Which i wanted to share in my blog

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Ten ways to waste time inside an Exam hall

CAUTION: the stunts mentioned below are performed by well trained professionals. Any attempt to recreate these stunts at home or at college might cause danger to you or others around you(li
Ten ways to waste time inside the exam hall if you are an enlightened soul like me and don’t really need any more knowledge. It was mass comm. paper. I dint even make an attempt to prepare as usual
And that’s the only reason I completed the three hour paper in one hour ten minutes (includes the ten minutes I was late).SO I had lots of time in hand. I felt ppl would think I was arrogant if I shoved my answer script to the invigilator and walked away. Plus I love scribbling something in my answer script till the last second .
10. Sharpen your brothers kutti pencil:
If you are using a pen pencil (LEAD PENCIL) I don’t think it would be a good idea to sharp it.
9. Look at the shoes others /invigilator in the hall is wearing
8. Compare your photo on the hall ticket with the one in the smart card
I tried to find six differences between my photo in the ID card and the hall ticket. The only similarity I found between the photos were that I dint look good in both the photos(btw it was the same photo in both the places)
7. Write your answers in multi colored pen’s
This help’s esp. If you are one of those types who give a lot of importance to external appearance than inner beauty
6. Trying to establish eye contact with some one as clueless as you are and feel happy that your name is not going to be the only name gracing the arrear list. This helped me gain self confidence
5. Pity the girl/boy sitting behind you, who with out realizing the fact that you have not written anything meaningful in your paper excluding your name and roll no. asks you for an answer.
4. Try to figure out why the chief minister has two wives
3. Wondering how my brother/best friend would have done the exam
2. Soul searching: think about complicated things like life and fall asleep
1. Regret about not trying to learn for the exam. Promissing to oneself that this will never happen again and doing the above mentioned 9 things in the next exam also

Monday, December 15, 2008

butterfly butterfly

There are certain things that make me feel like a butterfly.I love butterflies.The butter fly award made me feel like one.But when ever i see i a butter fly I feel kind of insecure and scared.I know the butterfly is not going to stay beautiful and happy like this for ever.It will wither and fade in a very short time.It gives me this feeling that every thing beautiful and happy is short lived.Its fragile .It fills me with this happy/sad feeling
.passing over that now.This is what my senior karthik told ,before giving me this prestigious award: "பொண்ணோட language செம்ம ஷார்ப், அதே மாதிரி தான் பதிவுகளும். மேடமுக்கு வருது பாருங்க கோவம், நீங்களே போய் படிச்சு பாருங்க. வாழ்த்துக்கள் சுவாதி. என்னதான் என் அறிவுரையின் பேர்ல நீ ப்ளோக் பண்றதா இருந்தாலும், உனக்கு குரு என்கிற விதத்துல உன்னை பாராட்ட வேண்டியது என் கடமை. All the best, keep blogging. (try to divide paragraphs in ur blog)"

A translation for all my peter friends:he says that my language is very sharp.I've vented out my anger and frustration regarding various issiues in my blog,which he feels is commendable.and has advised me to split my blog into paragraphs.Now all of you "clap for me".

Its time now to announce my nominations for the coolest blog I've read:

1.karthik for -the lotta blog

2.senior karthik for-countdown blog(nice innovation)

3.kalpana for -tainted

4.susan for-big time loser comment

5.king for-quarter with gounder mani

6.swathi for-what money cant buy

And the award goes to

king for quarter with koundamani:I think it made me laugh and think at the same time which is i like kounda mani and his counters.Wish he started his own katchi

and Kalpana for tainted :Kalpu never knew you had loads of deep thoughts hidden behind that brush of yours.try to blog more frequently.

Whit this i'm happily ending my butterfly award section.wish i win the award the next year too.