Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ms.Single Woman,
Most parts of the world
18th,April 2009
the desperate loser,
"life sucks"land
Respected sir,
Sub: even an mentally retarded orangutan will not be interested in dating you.
"I'm single "definitely doesn't mean I'm ready to mingle.i know you find me cute just the way you found my best friend/my maid servant / female chimp in the zoo cute,actually i don't care.mushy SM S's don't make me think you are makes me feel you are jobless nd stupid.please don't call up at ten in the night nd tell me you were thinking about me,b'cos at this rate if there is one person in this whole wide you need to think of that should be yourself.
What makes you think i care about your how your ex girl friend dumped you? I'm really happy for her that she did.Attending your call or replying to your MSG doesn't really mean ,you are the only thing i keep thinking of.I'm being polite.I hate it when you give me gifts or pay for me.Its just not comfortable .If you cant be my friend at least stop being a pain in the wrong place.
I know it living life alone is horrible,but b4 you try to impress a girl nd bring her into your life please start feeling comfortable about who you are.I cant love anyone who thinks he loves me more than I do.i need someone real who is sensible nd understands.some one who is warm not not some wannabe who tries to be hot when he is not.
Some one independent ,who is free from scars of the past nd insecurities of the future.i don't need a problem solving/comfort providing machine .i can handle my life better than any other person can,if i need advice ill ask.
So please stop hitting on me .It good for both of us.
Thanking you,
Single woman
P.S:all the best

Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is the article I wrote for journalism assignment. I thought I could post it.btw all the tips mentioned below was given by my friends whom I think have a god sense of style.Im a fashion criminal.the inputs for the gal’s section was given by samyuktha nad reshma(fashionistas) and for the guys part sid helped me out thanks sam ,sid and reshma.

This is RPDU, and I will be your fashion guru for the next three weeks. before I share valuable details regarding the most pocket friendly places in the city I will first give you a crash course on "identifying clothes" .
Well all of us wear fabrics ,we consider clothes but are we doing justice to our personality?.If you are one of those hypocrites who think clothes have nothing to do wit the kind of person .please takes my advice and slap your self. Then go do some research on the net.The first impression a stranger forms about you is formed within the first three seconds of your encounter. Now imagine if you are going to meet your future journalism lecturer/spouse/next president/mother-in -law somewhere. and you are shabbily dressed.? Now if you. Really want to look good and make that impression rite then read on.
Here I will be giving guys and gals some gr8 tips so tat you can dress to impress
gals:try new hairstyles which suit you face. You can color you hair or streak it. But understand that red/blue streaks .don’t make you look cool. They make you look like a page from a two year olds drawing book instead. Most fancy hair styles and process like coloring straightening need high maintenance. .so if you can’t spend time wit your manes just go in of a normal straight cut or layer cut. Don’t forget to condition your hair. a good diet is needed for long flowing mane .to watch wat you eat.
Guys:well you can try spikes ,coloring or even grow your hair. The close cropped military cult make us wonder whether the stylist used a lawn mover Instead of a trimmer.btw it dosent make you look like khaka-khaka surya.
gals:"dress code in our college so we cant dress properly"is not an excuse. Innovation is your mantra. You can convert your mom's old saris to hep kurtis.go green and use cotton fabrics as much as possible.cootn clothes make you look dignified and wit colours this can spice up your normal old kurtas wit harem wit can use shades of red.greem orange,blues ect .they make your clothes more vibreant.use stole's instead of your long flowing dupattas which resemble bed sheets.bling is uncool. For college its simple and trendy that stands out .don’t wear tight fitting, figure hugging clothes. Similarly don’t go in for clothes that are not your size.mix and match is the ony other option if you cant buy one new dress a week.
guys:you can go in for checked shirts go well wit lightly faded jeans. Boot cuts are old now. But for college normal pants wit shirts look good .don’t get inspired by kangaroos and wear pants and shirts wit too many pockets. Sadly you end up looking like one in clothes wit too many pockets.try pink if you want a metro sexual look .select your shirts based on your skin colour .your belt should not resemble the one awarded to wwe champions. Choose something chic.
foot wear:
you are not Cinderella and college is not a ball room. So avoid high heels..College is not your living room so avoid flip flops and chappals .go in for sandals and slip-ons.make sure you foot wear is comfortable. Slippers wit stone works are surely going to go unnoticed.Guys:no white coloured shoes plzzzzzzzz.they are custom made for M.G.R.CHAPPLS ARE ALLOWED ONLY IF you HAVE PAINTED YOUR TOES NALIS PINK.ACCESSIORES:GALS;YOU CAN BUY JUTE EARINGS AND ACCESSORIES..THEY ARE TRENDY AND CHIC. Avoid heavy gold jewelry to college. Jute is an healthy alternative. Don’t go in for glittery stuff and tooo much nail polish is boring.try new colors like green blue ect.jute bags are cool.
In the next article I will divulge vital information on where to find clothes and accessories in the city .so keep reading and keep shopping