Friday, May 29, 2009


You can love me ,you can hate me,but you just cant ignore me or my blog. I think the title says it all.all events described below are purely fictious.its not at all about me.these are things which i told my friends.but i dint want to hurt their feelings .and this is my blog not theirs .so im writing it as though these horrible things were told to me by read on:

#10"I've never seen you wit a book.when do you study?how did you pass your boards???you never used a note book this sem. why are your parents wasting money sendind you to college???????"

Susan had to remind me about my acedemic excellence on D70 the other day


"Po di chips,peter gal,You think you invented uranium or topped the state in+2???????You try talking like that about my super-duper detective brain again nd im throwing you out of the bus.btw i run faster than you and i dont have pimples.Plz stop noticing me and wat i do.try listening to the lectures for a change"

#9"Did you close your eyes and pick that dress out of your cupboard?you have mixed two things which dont match.Plz dont wear such clothes and come out in public"

My college senior had make this comment ,one morning . plz note that both of us were late that day ,but still she had so say something like that..

@all the ppl who comment about my dressing

"i dont care and i dont intend to change"

#8"you got 89%in +2 ,thats like 60%in CBSE,that too from D.A.V"

Sid is arrogant and obnoxious.Anyone needs more proof????????????


"ppl plz dont forget that teary speech which sid made during farewell nd sid also told me he tried to potty train his birds since he was unable to find a cage wit an attached toilet .sid loves birds cos he is bird brained.sorry sid had to go public on the entire potty training thing;)"

#7"i was suffering from food poisoining for two days after i ate your cake"

muthu's feedback on my mothers day cake.


"im your best firend re.i know how much you secretly admire me nd all.but plz plz plz msg me your feed back next time instead of announcing it in front of our know how sagar hates it when ppl talk like that to his sisiter plz dont hurt sagar's feeling re"

#6"i want you to write two pages of ahnd writing every day"

Im the first student in the history of D.A.V to have practicsed handwriting six months b4 my i made my cousin who is weak in hindi write two pages each day and showed it to ma'am and got appreciated.btw 95% in hindi paper two.

#5"swathi you are an exception so plz shut up"

english/journo class amithash or adithya mention this atleast once on the days they are present.

@amitash and adithya

"NO i cant .i have all the right to say watever i want ."


sindhuja is a fifth std kid and this is how she address me.thats why on parents teachers meeting i told her granny about her and made her apologise to me in front of the entire school.


"chinna ponnu ,po po polaichu po"

#3"nee yen ponna nu sandhegama irruku"

my mom says this atleast twice each day


"yennakum adhe sandhegam plz dont tell me im adopted.plz plz plz 'cos thats wat susan and adhi say"

#2"you bull shit,i bull shit come lets bull shit together"

i told this to the sangam on the first day of college


"edhuku peru than sonda selavale suniyam vaikarathu,saniyana thooki baniyan le podarathu ect ect.'


this place is specially reserverd to all my readers.i know wat is going to happen in the comments page

Friday, May 1, 2009

WOMEN'S ERA(which era are you talking about exactly?????)

The most crappiest piece of writing on the planet was not done by me.I'm glad.At last I've found some solace.This post in entirely dedicated to damaging women's era,so if you are a subscriber ,plz consider your self extinct 'cos dodo's are .I would like women's era if
i were married to super man
i enjoyed stories about"who slept wit whom "and "who eloped with whom"
I'm not smarter than a fifth grader
i were the kind of person who wrote letters to a magazine stating"
I'm a 26-year old married woman from pune.My husband is a kind and affectionate man .But yesterday i came to know from my maid servant that he slept wit my sister who is a drug-addict.I also found out that my brother in law is gay . My mother in law tortures me and wants more dowry.My dad just lost his job and my only son is dyslexic.Wat should i do?plz help me??????should i divorce my husband and burn my mom-in- law alive or should i put up wit her?i think my sister steals money from my purse and my brother in law is planning to elope wit the driver..
i use the glossy sheets to make paper boats
try out new recipes which are used as pesticides in Congo
i were my neighbour ,who cant read English
i was looking out for hospitals which specialise cosmetic surgery
some one promised me that they would give me 100% attendance in all my classes for the next four years
not "me"

Woman's Era proudly announces that it is the largest selling women's fortnightly magazine in ENGLISH in India.I love India Today woman.Most of these magazines like "women's era" don't empower women it thrives on male chauvinism.Like bra-burning (second wave feminism) Indian women should burn women's era .Women's era can be called "the toilet paper of women's magazines".it is nauseating..