Sunday, August 30, 2009


Tis is my write up which came in the times of india on the 30th of august:
It’s my father’s birthday. He did not invent a new element, win the Booker prize, save people from a burning train or go to jail for a cause. My dad is just like me — casual, funny and normal, like most of us. When I was in the first or second standard, I used to think my father had given birth to me, till other enlightened minds at school helped me understand that fathers don’t give birth to babies and that “babies come from a mother’s stomach”. Dad got married when he was only 24. My mom is a Hindu and he belonged to an orthodox Christian family, but he never imposed his religion or beliefs on my mother or me. I got my first cycle when I was in the first standard. It was Dad’s gift when I stood first in my class. I learnt to follow my dreams from his example. He never tells anyone to do anything, he just sets an example for others to follow. When I was a kid, Dad used to go on official trips frequently. I always used to wait for him to come home and show him some stupid picture I drew or tell him how I fought with my friends. I always had a lot to tell. My dad never told me to work hard, he never told me to set any kind of future goal and work towards it or something similar straight out of a self-help book. He is a simple man who started his life with an old scooter, a degree in sociology, a young wife and big dreams. Dad taught me that the only person I can depend on in this whole wide world is ‘me’. This year, on his birthday, I haven’t got him any gift. but I sat and wondered about the gifts he’s given me all through my life. This birthday was not about cakes and greeting cards. For the first time I understood that Dad was growing old. But strangely, I’m not sad, instead I’m happy because I’m growing up. I’m happy because slowly I will have to take his place in the family and one fine day I’ll grow up to earn enough money to get my father a nice gift and pay bills. I’m also happy because I have dreams that are going to come true. And because I can share his responsibilities. I’m also happy because I know my dad has raised me to be strong .And because I can share his responsibilities. I’m also happy because I know my dad has raised me to be strong and independent. Dad, I love you. You are the strongest person I’ve ever seen. You are the best Dad in the entire world — this is what most kids say and most of them mean it. Thanks, Dad, for all the valuable lessons you have taught me.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


This is a story from my fav. authors book:
Once upon a time, there was a bird. He was adorned with two perfect wings and with glossy, colourful, marvellous feathers. In short, hes was a creature made to fly about freely in the sky, bringing joy to everyone who saw him.One day, a woman saw this bird and fell in love with him.
She watched his flight, her mouth wide in amazement, her heart pounding, her eyes shining with excitement. She invited the bird to fly with her, and the two travelled across the sky in perfect harmony. She admired and venerated and celebrated that bird.But then she thought: He might want to visit far-off mountains! And she was afraid, afraid that she would never feel the same way about any other bird. And she felt envy, envy for the bird's ability to fly.And she felt alone.And she thought: "I'm going to set a trap. The next time the bird appears, he will never leave again."The bird who was also in love, returned the following day, fell into the trap and was put in a cage.She looked at the bird every day. There he was, the object of her passion, and she showed him to her friends, who said: "Now you have everything you could possibly want." However, a strange transformation began to take place: now that she had the bird and no longer needed to woo him, she began to lose interest. The bird, unable to fly and express the true meaning of his life began to waste away and his feathers to lose their gloss; he grew ugly; and the woman no longer paid him any attention, except by feeding him and cleaning out his cage.One day, the bird died. The woman felt terribly sad and spent all her time thinking about him. But she did not remember the cage, she thought only of the day when she had seen him for the first time, flying contentedly amongst the clouds. If she had looked more deeply into herself, she would have realised that what had thrilled her about the bird was his freedom, the energy of his wings in motion, not his physical body.Without the bird, her life too lost all meaning, and Death came knocking at her door. "Why have you come?" she asked Detah. "So that you can fly once more with him across the sky," Death replied. "If you had allowed him to come and go, you would have loved and admired him even more; alas, you now need me in order to find him again.

Friday, May 29, 2009


You can love me ,you can hate me,but you just cant ignore me or my blog. I think the title says it all.all events described below are purely fictious.its not at all about me.these are things which i told my friends.but i dint want to hurt their feelings .and this is my blog not theirs .so im writing it as though these horrible things were told to me by read on:

#10"I've never seen you wit a book.when do you study?how did you pass your boards???you never used a note book this sem. why are your parents wasting money sendind you to college???????"

Susan had to remind me about my acedemic excellence on D70 the other day


"Po di chips,peter gal,You think you invented uranium or topped the state in+2???????You try talking like that about my super-duper detective brain again nd im throwing you out of the bus.btw i run faster than you and i dont have pimples.Plz stop noticing me and wat i do.try listening to the lectures for a change"

#9"Did you close your eyes and pick that dress out of your cupboard?you have mixed two things which dont match.Plz dont wear such clothes and come out in public"

My college senior had make this comment ,one morning . plz note that both of us were late that day ,but still she had so say something like that..

@all the ppl who comment about my dressing

"i dont care and i dont intend to change"

#8"you got 89%in +2 ,thats like 60%in CBSE,that too from D.A.V"

Sid is arrogant and obnoxious.Anyone needs more proof????????????


"ppl plz dont forget that teary speech which sid made during farewell nd sid also told me he tried to potty train his birds since he was unable to find a cage wit an attached toilet .sid loves birds cos he is bird brained.sorry sid had to go public on the entire potty training thing;)"

#7"i was suffering from food poisoining for two days after i ate your cake"

muthu's feedback on my mothers day cake.


"im your best firend re.i know how much you secretly admire me nd all.but plz plz plz msg me your feed back next time instead of announcing it in front of our know how sagar hates it when ppl talk like that to his sisiter plz dont hurt sagar's feeling re"

#6"i want you to write two pages of ahnd writing every day"

Im the first student in the history of D.A.V to have practicsed handwriting six months b4 my i made my cousin who is weak in hindi write two pages each day and showed it to ma'am and got appreciated.btw 95% in hindi paper two.

#5"swathi you are an exception so plz shut up"

english/journo class amithash or adithya mention this atleast once on the days they are present.

@amitash and adithya

"NO i cant .i have all the right to say watever i want ."


sindhuja is a fifth std kid and this is how she address me.thats why on parents teachers meeting i told her granny about her and made her apologise to me in front of the entire school.


"chinna ponnu ,po po polaichu po"

#3"nee yen ponna nu sandhegama irruku"

my mom says this atleast twice each day


"yennakum adhe sandhegam plz dont tell me im adopted.plz plz plz 'cos thats wat susan and adhi say"

#2"you bull shit,i bull shit come lets bull shit together"

i told this to the sangam on the first day of college


"edhuku peru than sonda selavale suniyam vaikarathu,saniyana thooki baniyan le podarathu ect ect.'


this place is specially reserverd to all my readers.i know wat is going to happen in the comments page

Friday, May 1, 2009

WOMEN'S ERA(which era are you talking about exactly?????)

The most crappiest piece of writing on the planet was not done by me.I'm glad.At last I've found some solace.This post in entirely dedicated to damaging women's era,so if you are a subscriber ,plz consider your self extinct 'cos dodo's are .I would like women's era if
i were married to super man
i enjoyed stories about"who slept wit whom "and "who eloped with whom"
I'm not smarter than a fifth grader
i were the kind of person who wrote letters to a magazine stating"
I'm a 26-year old married woman from pune.My husband is a kind and affectionate man .But yesterday i came to know from my maid servant that he slept wit my sister who is a drug-addict.I also found out that my brother in law is gay . My mother in law tortures me and wants more dowry.My dad just lost his job and my only son is dyslexic.Wat should i do?plz help me??????should i divorce my husband and burn my mom-in- law alive or should i put up wit her?i think my sister steals money from my purse and my brother in law is planning to elope wit the driver..
i use the glossy sheets to make paper boats
try out new recipes which are used as pesticides in Congo
i were my neighbour ,who cant read English
i was looking out for hospitals which specialise cosmetic surgery
some one promised me that they would give me 100% attendance in all my classes for the next four years
not "me"

Woman's Era proudly announces that it is the largest selling women's fortnightly magazine in ENGLISH in India.I love India Today woman.Most of these magazines like "women's era" don't empower women it thrives on male chauvinism.Like bra-burning (second wave feminism) Indian women should burn women's era .Women's era can be called "the toilet paper of women's magazines".it is nauseating..

Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ms.Single Woman,
Most parts of the world
18th,April 2009
the desperate loser,
"life sucks"land
Respected sir,
Sub: even an mentally retarded orangutan will not be interested in dating you.
"I'm single "definitely doesn't mean I'm ready to mingle.i know you find me cute just the way you found my best friend/my maid servant / female chimp in the zoo cute,actually i don't care.mushy SM S's don't make me think you are makes me feel you are jobless nd stupid.please don't call up at ten in the night nd tell me you were thinking about me,b'cos at this rate if there is one person in this whole wide you need to think of that should be yourself.
What makes you think i care about your how your ex girl friend dumped you? I'm really happy for her that she did.Attending your call or replying to your MSG doesn't really mean ,you are the only thing i keep thinking of.I'm being polite.I hate it when you give me gifts or pay for me.Its just not comfortable .If you cant be my friend at least stop being a pain in the wrong place.
I know it living life alone is horrible,but b4 you try to impress a girl nd bring her into your life please start feeling comfortable about who you are.I cant love anyone who thinks he loves me more than I do.i need someone real who is sensible nd understands.some one who is warm not not some wannabe who tries to be hot when he is not.
Some one independent ,who is free from scars of the past nd insecurities of the future.i don't need a problem solving/comfort providing machine .i can handle my life better than any other person can,if i need advice ill ask.
So please stop hitting on me .It good for both of us.
Thanking you,
Single woman
P.S:all the best

Saturday, April 4, 2009


This is the article I wrote for journalism assignment. I thought I could post it.btw all the tips mentioned below was given by my friends whom I think have a god sense of style.Im a fashion criminal.the inputs for the gal’s section was given by samyuktha nad reshma(fashionistas) and for the guys part sid helped me out thanks sam ,sid and reshma.

This is RPDU, and I will be your fashion guru for the next three weeks. before I share valuable details regarding the most pocket friendly places in the city I will first give you a crash course on "identifying clothes" .
Well all of us wear fabrics ,we consider clothes but are we doing justice to our personality?.If you are one of those hypocrites who think clothes have nothing to do wit the kind of person .please takes my advice and slap your self. Then go do some research on the net.The first impression a stranger forms about you is formed within the first three seconds of your encounter. Now imagine if you are going to meet your future journalism lecturer/spouse/next president/mother-in -law somewhere. and you are shabbily dressed.? Now if you. Really want to look good and make that impression rite then read on.
Here I will be giving guys and gals some gr8 tips so tat you can dress to impress
gals:try new hairstyles which suit you face. You can color you hair or streak it. But understand that red/blue streaks .don’t make you look cool. They make you look like a page from a two year olds drawing book instead. Most fancy hair styles and process like coloring straightening need high maintenance. .so if you can’t spend time wit your manes just go in of a normal straight cut or layer cut. Don’t forget to condition your hair. a good diet is needed for long flowing mane .to watch wat you eat.
Guys:well you can try spikes ,coloring or even grow your hair. The close cropped military cult make us wonder whether the stylist used a lawn mover Instead of a trimmer.btw it dosent make you look like khaka-khaka surya.
gals:"dress code in our college so we cant dress properly"is not an excuse. Innovation is your mantra. You can convert your mom's old saris to hep kurtis.go green and use cotton fabrics as much as possible.cootn clothes make you look dignified and wit colours this can spice up your normal old kurtas wit harem wit can use shades of red.greem orange,blues ect .they make your clothes more vibreant.use stole's instead of your long flowing dupattas which resemble bed sheets.bling is uncool. For college its simple and trendy that stands out .don’t wear tight fitting, figure hugging clothes. Similarly don’t go in for clothes that are not your size.mix and match is the ony other option if you cant buy one new dress a week.
guys:you can go in for checked shirts go well wit lightly faded jeans. Boot cuts are old now. But for college normal pants wit shirts look good .don’t get inspired by kangaroos and wear pants and shirts wit too many pockets. Sadly you end up looking like one in clothes wit too many pockets.try pink if you want a metro sexual look .select your shirts based on your skin colour .your belt should not resemble the one awarded to wwe champions. Choose something chic.
foot wear:
you are not Cinderella and college is not a ball room. So avoid high heels..College is not your living room so avoid flip flops and chappals .go in for sandals and slip-ons.make sure you foot wear is comfortable. Slippers wit stone works are surely going to go unnoticed.Guys:no white coloured shoes plzzzzzzzz.they are custom made for M.G.R.CHAPPLS ARE ALLOWED ONLY IF you HAVE PAINTED YOUR TOES NALIS PINK.ACCESSIORES:GALS;YOU CAN BUY JUTE EARINGS AND ACCESSORIES..THEY ARE TRENDY AND CHIC. Avoid heavy gold jewelry to college. Jute is an healthy alternative. Don’t go in for glittery stuff and tooo much nail polish is boring.try new colors like green blue ect.jute bags are cool.
In the next article I will divulge vital information on where to find clothes and accessories in the city .so keep reading and keep shopping

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten ways to spend a boring lecture hour

you hate that subject.Sitting through an hour of lecture is going to be a pain.well you could have bunked but its too late to escape now. here are some suggestions to spend a boring lecture hour happily.BTW applicable for last benchers like me .If you are a first bencher then you wont be rerading my blog ,you will be busy googling something stupid like effects of recession on the economy or thinking about story ideas for the journL tic-tac -toe/word building wit the person sitting next to you
9.make sure the lecturer catches you yawning and observe the reaction on his/her face(depends on the lecturer ,if he/she is strict then you must be brave enough to face the consequences)
8.write "sri rama jayam" 108 times and start praying that you pass this paper
7.write a poem
6.go to sleep and dream
5.feel sad for the person sitting next to you who is making notes Nd studying and cry bitterly
4.send telepathic signals to your best friend sitting in next class or look out of the window and hope you spot an UFO or alien
(beware at times its difficult to differentiate between the ones sitting next to you from the ones from outer space,but you can master this skill wit a little bit of practice)
3.pretend you are suffering from a stomach ache/head ache/brain tumor/blood cancer .Pretend you are possessed by your grand uncles ghost.
2.make a list of all the mistakes you commit ed in your life and mail the copy to your mom/dad.girl friend/boy friend/pet dog.
1.decide to listen to the class for a change and then change your decision

Saturday, February 14, 2009


This is something I always wanted to do for my friends. This a peek into wat my friends are good at doing and wat makes them special. Now if each of my friend wrote a book wat would it be called??Read on to find out.btw I ve made a list of all my friends who frequent my blog. So if your name is not in this post plz ask me about your book name when I meet you:
1. Stocks, Market and Coffee, Rs 290 +taxes
2. Diaries of a teenager Rs 450 (all characters in this book are fictional. Any resemblances to people or places is coincidental)
3. Swathi the gr8/genius: a biography Rs 999 only
4. How to generate stress??????? Rs.340only
5. Clean your room in a day Rs.200 only
6. Romantic poems(not for sale)

1. God is gr8
2. God is gr8-2
3. Funny answers to irritate people
4. Guide to better English (spellings, pronunciation also includes a CD wit choo-choo’s peter)
5. Im a peter, you can b one too
6. How to create a computer virus (not for sale)
7. SWathi Paul: my inspiration in life
1. Hair ,make-up and mascara
2. How to live on high heels
3. Child psychology (not for sale ,cos its about her behavior)
4. Recipies that kill (personal experience)
5. The frog and the pond (remember the news paper)
6. Nehru dynasty: myth and reality (no one knows the Nehru’s better than pree)
7. Pretty Paul: the most graceful person alive
1. Gr8 things come in small packages
2. Jive and salsa: dancing alone
3 .scott and scrabby tales
4.maapu vacchitanya appu(our true stories)

Kalps: off( the vetti scene guide)
2. brushing the brush(hair care guide)
3. aayya and paaya

1.tribal dressing made simple
2.wat not to wear and how to flaunt it
3.disecting your boy friend(relationship advice)
4.soul curry(cook book)

HARI PRIYA: your class in two weeks(i have a copy)
3.boring things made intresting(includes how to stay awake in class,take notes,work in anna fm ect ect)
4.good girls dictionary(happens ,i have such friends)
LANCELOT:'s most dangerous man
2.learn spanish in 7 days
3.taureans are gr8(its about me)
4.liar to lawyer(the transition was not easy)
5.SWATHI PAUL:the best blogger alive
6.tickle me to death
1.gone in 69 seconds(one-sided love stories) not to narrate a story(incl. the lorror story blog)
1.super singer(includes a CD of his songs )
2.initiating people to blogging easy steps to a happy living
4.autobiography of a blogger
5.SWATHI PAUL:the best junior in the world
JUSTIN : that tell tales
2.I'm a taurean ,just like swathi
3.friends,B'days and hostel life to keep quite when people irritate you( i think you are really tolerant Nd patient)
5.NITT:an insiders story


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Life

Every day is a new beginnning.cliche i unerstand,but these days im finding it difficult to express my self.this is how most of my days are is a list of my moods and a record of my stupidity.

"i don't want to go to college "day:

usually a monday/assessment /presentation day.also when any one of my friends don't come i haet going to college.on these days my gran will have to force me out of the bed.i wear crushed clothes and broken clutches.these are the days i snap back at ppl and head straight to the canteen for coffee after the first hour.

"i love myself" day:

usually a Tuesday .the non controversial days wit no electronic hour.I'm neatly dressed and wear my fav. banana clip.I'm my usual "clowny"self.givin ppl valuable i cant keep my mouth shut at class and amitash/adithya/vijay trying to make me sound like a fool.these are the days i sit and post something on my blog.i wont orkut.and these are the days ppl tell me i look good and shoul dress like this daily.

"Wat have i done wit my life??????????" day:

horrible days when i feel like a loser and hate myself for something i did/had done.i will try my best to sound happy.But pree and choo find out and ask me"WATS wrong wit you?????why are you not talking???????"on these days i sign in to msgr .thees are the days ill reply even to forwards.ill call up yams and talk to her.ill try to start a nice converasation wit my mom about her view on the sri lankan issiue or something vague like how jehangir died ect.ill convince myself that every thing is fine and fall asleep.

"love my friends/family "day:

these are the days i plan and do something special for my friends/family.the most dangerous day for others cos try new dishes in the kitchen and force it down my bro's these are the days i talk sense,when choo remarks"never knew you could talk so much sense". i love these days.these are the days i get a good nights sleep.wish every day was like this.and it was one such day i helped pree on nehru dynasty.

"i want to do something gr8/mega/fantastic" Day:

well i will start off perfectly well wit me making gr8 plans about various things like

1. go to anna FM(i can c the entire sangam giggling)


3.change my college the class in the next test(at least in the next sem.)

5.stop canteening

6.protect all the orphan kids

it usually some impractical stupid plan ,which I'm sure is never going to work.but still i wont stop planning .ill partner wit anyone of my friends in the sangam,usually its gullible little(literally) sam.we discuss about it so much but finally the next day we forget the mega plan and sit and yap in the canteen.This habbit of mine irritates choo .choo gives this"omg!!!!!!!she never learns" expression .And thinks to herself this is the best way ot waste time.i can read you thoughts choo.

"i will talk sense" day:

the days when i get appreciated for being sensible.happens rarely don't worry.
"i need a better tomorrow" day
actually every day ends wit me hoping for a better tomorrow both for me and the world around me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Saint Or Sinner

This week was gr8.Actually i got to meet a lot of new people. Both inside and outside college.i made lots of new friends and adopted a naai kutti(puppy)in my college as my niece,she is called coffee.she is the brand ambassador for the peters gang.

Well i got an sms MSG this week which literally changed the way i looked at myself and the ppl around said"every saint has a past and every sinner a future"

Sinners are important to the world just like the saints are.

A saint cannot exist with out a sinner. its only b'cos of these ppl the saints get respect.Wat would a saint do in a world devoid of evil. so according to me the sinners are the ones who employ the saints.they give saints an opportunity to prove their saintly virtues.saints cannot exist without sinners.

coming to the point.At times all of us in our life would have regretted something we did.It might be a trivial issue or something gr8.but guilt is a horrible feeling.It makes you feel like a sinner.And except for ppl who live in a lunatic asylum most ppl would tell you its not good to be a sin.Sin synonymous with hell.
Talking about hell i always picture hell as this place where humans are chopped into small pieces and marinated in shakti masala then fried in goldwinner sunflower oil.So hell resembles more like a fast food joint to me .

but that is not hell.It is a popular misconception spread by some insane sinner.Hell is something we create ourselves. its something inside us.Its this feeling when you are not comfortable living inside your own body.That's Wat makes guilt the most horrible of all bad feelings.It eats you away slowly.even if you are not marinated in shkti masala and deep fried in gold winner oil.Nothing about you remains after somethime.that's when you feel this void inside yourself.Most sinners have this void.They are hollow.

Its different for saints.Its beauty and happiness they sow.they never feel lost or lonely .I remember something that my guru paulo coehlo once said:

"In his or her life, each person can take one of two attitudes: to build or to plant. Builders may take years over their tasks, but one day they will finish what they are doing. Then they will stop, hemmed in by their own walls. Life becomes meaningless once the building is finished. Those who plant suffer the storms and the seasons and rarely rest. Unlike a building, a garden never stops growing. And by its constant demands on the gardener’s attention, it makes the gardener’s life a great adventure.”

-coelho ,Brida

It OK to be a sinner.But its always gr8 to be a saint.