Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ten ways to spend a boring lecture hour

you hate that subject.Sitting through an hour of lecture is going to be a pain.well you could have bunked but its too late to escape now. here are some suggestions to spend a boring lecture hour happily.BTW applicable for last benchers like me .If you are a first bencher then you wont be rerading my blog ,you will be busy googling something stupid like effects of recession on the economy or thinking about story ideas for the journL
10.play tic-tac -toe/word building wit the person sitting next to you
9.make sure the lecturer catches you yawning and observe the reaction on his/her face(depends on the lecturer ,if he/she is strict then you must be brave enough to face the consequences)
8.write "sri rama jayam" 108 times and start praying that you pass this paper
7.write a poem
6.go to sleep and dream
5.feel sad for the person sitting next to you who is making notes Nd studying and cry bitterly
4.send telepathic signals to your best friend sitting in next class or look out of the window and hope you spot an UFO or alien
(beware at times its difficult to differentiate between the ones sitting next to you from the ones from outer space,but you can master this skill wit a little bit of practice)
3.pretend you are suffering from a stomach ache/head ache/brain tumor/blood cancer .Pretend you are possessed by your grand uncles ghost.
2.make a list of all the mistakes you commit ed in your life and mail the copy to your mom/dad.girl friend/boy friend/pet dog.
1.decide to listen to the class for a change and then change your decision