Friday, September 26, 2008

Copy Cat

This is a pre reading activity that I would like all my blog readers to try before trying to comprehend what am trying to say
1. Which of the following means of torture would you prefer to kill a college student like me?

1.Make kalpana (the dreamy girl ,a.k.a ass)sit next to me for an entire day
2.lock me up in the library for 100 days with unlimited meals twice a day along with bisleri water but without my friends and my cell phone
3.give me thirty six pages of electronic notes the day before the assessment and expect me to learn

Today was the day that used to haunt me in my dreams. Today was the day I understood that electricity could kill people. Today was horrible.
It all started a week ago when I went out along with my parents , not preparing for my development of media assessment. The next day I copied .Plus I also told five of my friends an answer I thought was right but which ultimately turned out to be wrong. Since they are my friends they stopped with a “this time we will leave you but the next time you try to open your stupid mouth during an assessment we will kill you” warning.

Preethi started singing her very own “am going to flunk the test” ballad. Then she decided that she would make up for the lost marks and reputation in the electronics test. She started her ”I want to top the class in electronics “campaign. She conspired with the international padips choo-choo jam(susan) and started making plans .For the entire week this is how they spoke
I love electronics
Joseph sir rocks”
I want to go home and learn electronics because the anti-student format in which the notes are prepared helps me fall asleep even before six in the evening”
“Do you know that doping like shopping could be fun”

I want more notes so that I can spend all my pocket money in the Xerox shop and gain more knowledge about the working of a potentiometer which is priceless
A few lines from preethis poem dedicated to all electronics lovers:
Knowledge is power,
In annanagar there is a tower.”

There is no specific reason why I hate the subject but I have always hated it. Now I started to feel this invisible electronic wall between MY FRIENDS AND ME. They loved the subject .Worshiped it .I was all alone.
O.k. I dint learn for the assessment and sir hinted out in class that I should not keep looking at preethis paper(“shame shame puppy shame”) during the test .Assessment was finally over and my frds are back TO NORMAL.
Now I’m trying my level best to understand what a diode is. It’s not because I want to top the class but because I don’t want to experience that lonely helpless feeling again. Btw “susan are you local ?”

Thursday, September 11, 2008

No reasons to be sad

Today morning I learnt how not to start a Thursday. I hate Thursdays. We have Joseph sir’s class in the first hour (I can’t blame sir , electronics never seemed interesting to me ,never ever).Then it also reminds me of two hours lab on Friday ,Thursday itself ( I hate comp. fun).There are more reasons why I hated today.
Firstly the conductor in the bus scolded me for not giving him exact change .I wanted to throw him out of the bus .But what’s the use in throwing a 120 kilo mountain out of a running bus and harm the public on the road. Then I indulged in some people- watching and started communicating interpersonally.
What exactly do all these people who get up at 5 in the morning and board various busses want in their lives? What makes people go to colleges, offices, schools, jails??????????
Is it money?
Is it fame?
Is it that sense of accomplishment they get by going to the same place every day and doing the same things?
That’s when my newly founded knowledge in mass communication came in handy. Based on the “uncertainty reduction theory” humans strive hard so that they have a routine. They get food on time they get clothes when they need it and people to support them. N o one wants to take risks when it comes to their basic needs .All of us work so hard (depends on the kind of work you do) so that these needs are fulfilled.

Time tables, attendance, working hours, salary, lunch breaks all these things are what most people want to keep them going. That is the basis of the human civilization that we see today. Even holidays and breaks are so structured. But does this theory define happiness. What is happiness????
We spend all our lives listening to the word ,get jealous when others say they experience it, read about it, think about it, what is happiness ,I decided to investigate?
Money is not happiness
It is security and power
Fame is not happiness
It is more of a responsibility instead
Love, family ect. Is also not happiness
They are just relationships
God or religion is also not happiness according to me,

(Ok I’m not trying to sound like a loser here, I’m investigating)
Routines don’t make us happy. They make us work .Dreams make us happy. The belief that when our dreams come true we might become happy itself makes us happy. The promise of a better tomorrow is what makes our today precious. All of us rely in this feeling .I call it the “tomorrow never comes” theory.
In my language it is like this
“I don’t have any reasons to be sad but am I really happy?????”
Thus I happily wasted a useless Thursday MORNING DREAMING

Sunday, September 7, 2008

happy birhtday ZOYA ZOYA

this blog is to wish my very own friendly alien who studies in my class and sits next to me in college" !!!!!!!!!!!!!!@@@##%%&&(()))"
It means HAPPY BIRTHDAY and wish you a gr8 day and a fantastic year in aliens lang.
the peters gang

Friday, September 5, 2008

What money cant buy

Once upon a time in a beautiful fairytale land called Anna university(it has butterflies ,fountains, monkeys and many old buildings its my mini version of a fairytale land) lived five beautiful princesses (me and my frds ok).These princesses even though they were princesses had jobs to do like taking an interview, doing a comp. assignment ect. .
One day the empress of English department was very angry with the princesses because they dint submit their interviews on time. But the empress was a kind soul so she gave the princesses a day’s grace time. So su-su-susan , the most industrious among the princesses decided to do something. She tried evey software possible, opend evey dialog box in movie maker and mailed the interview to at lest 50 other more informed people than us. But nothing seemed to work out.
This is a fairy tale so we do have a fairy god mother, fairy god father in our case. So I would like to introduce Adithya our gang’s official fairy god father who came all the way to college to help us out. And finally we got most of our interviews done.
(Wait this blog is not about a college kid trying miserably to write a fairy tale its about friendship and food and money so let me come to the story.)
On Friday none of us had taken lunch and we had to stay in college till 2 and all of us were mega hungry. So we decided to invade the canteen while our fairy godfather was busy toiling away with his laptop(4 our interview). WE are princesses not super humans ok we need energy to go to balls, wear glass slippers ,sit on top of towers and not get branded ”anorexic”. Thus we finished our first round of “canteening”(it’s a new word which means waiting in a long q in a old canteen to get food ) we went back class. we understood that certain files had to be edited from princess Susan’s comp so we decided leave home.
On our way back home princess preethi had an amazing idea. She wanted to enjoy another session of uninterrupted canteening. So we headed back to canteen instead of the bustand. I dint have enough gold coins in my treasury so I decided to borrow some gold coins from princess preethi after canteening to get back home. unfortunately princess preethi and princess susan were also of the same opinon .(ok the situation was like this none of us had money but we thought that others in the gang had and we could borrow).thus we finished our second round of canteening for the day and realized(poor princess Susan who is calorie conscious wont have anything even boiled water from the canteen).Finallly after canteening preethi realized that she had just 5 coins left I stood second with a balance of 7 coins and five 25 paise coins but the winner clearly was susan with a balance of 13 usual we got in to trouble and dint know what to do(that’s because we r in trouble and if we were that sensible we wouldn’t have gotten into shit in the first place so don’t expect any one in our gang to come up with a good idea or something)
We did the obvious. here I woluld like to introduce our second fairy god mother in my story shriya our senior. She was busy canteening we walked upto her with a nice smile (that’s b’cos we were going to ask 4 help)and askd her for money .We borrowed 20 gold coins 4 the gang and headed straight to the bus stand.
In the bus stand unfortunately I got into a deluxe .So we spent our borrowed gold coins and reached home without a single rupee.
The reason im typing such a huge and seemingly boring blog on a Friday night instead of watching t.v is just to tell “Today I understood that money can’t buy you happiness but it can buy you a so many other thing like bus tickets and melon juice.”
And when we r with friends it doesn’t matter what we end up doing until we have fun. L et me put it this way
“When friends are around even extremely complicated situations like running out of money can be fun”
An extremely absent minded college student