Saturday, February 14, 2009


This is something I always wanted to do for my friends. This a peek into wat my friends are good at doing and wat makes them special. Now if each of my friend wrote a book wat would it be called??Read on to find out.btw I ve made a list of all my friends who frequent my blog. So if your name is not in this post plz ask me about your book name when I meet you:
1. Stocks, Market and Coffee, Rs 290 +taxes
2. Diaries of a teenager Rs 450 (all characters in this book are fictional. Any resemblances to people or places is coincidental)
3. Swathi the gr8/genius: a biography Rs 999 only
4. How to generate stress??????? Rs.340only
5. Clean your room in a day Rs.200 only
6. Romantic poems(not for sale)

1. God is gr8
2. God is gr8-2
3. Funny answers to irritate people
4. Guide to better English (spellings, pronunciation also includes a CD wit choo-choo’s peter)
5. Im a peter, you can b one too
6. How to create a computer virus (not for sale)
7. SWathi Paul: my inspiration in life
1. Hair ,make-up and mascara
2. How to live on high heels
3. Child psychology (not for sale ,cos its about her behavior)
4. Recipies that kill (personal experience)
5. The frog and the pond (remember the news paper)
6. Nehru dynasty: myth and reality (no one knows the Nehru’s better than pree)
7. Pretty Paul: the most graceful person alive
1. Gr8 things come in small packages
2. Jive and salsa: dancing alone
3 .scott and scrabby tales
4.maapu vacchitanya appu(our true stories)

Kalps: off( the vetti scene guide)
2. brushing the brush(hair care guide)
3. aayya and paaya

1.tribal dressing made simple
2.wat not to wear and how to flaunt it
3.disecting your boy friend(relationship advice)
4.soul curry(cook book)

HARI PRIYA: your class in two weeks(i have a copy)
3.boring things made intresting(includes how to stay awake in class,take notes,work in anna fm ect ect)
4.good girls dictionary(happens ,i have such friends)
LANCELOT:'s most dangerous man
2.learn spanish in 7 days
3.taureans are gr8(its about me)
4.liar to lawyer(the transition was not easy)
5.SWATHI PAUL:the best blogger alive
6.tickle me to death
1.gone in 69 seconds(one-sided love stories) not to narrate a story(incl. the lorror story blog)
1.super singer(includes a CD of his songs )
2.initiating people to blogging easy steps to a happy living
4.autobiography of a blogger
5.SWATHI PAUL:the best junior in the world
JUSTIN : that tell tales
2.I'm a taurean ,just like swathi
3.friends,B'days and hostel life to keep quite when people irritate you( i think you are really tolerant Nd patient)
5.NITT:an insiders story


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My Life

Every day is a new beginnning.cliche i unerstand,but these days im finding it difficult to express my self.this is how most of my days are is a list of my moods and a record of my stupidity.

"i don't want to go to college "day:

usually a monday/assessment /presentation day.also when any one of my friends don't come i haet going to college.on these days my gran will have to force me out of the bed.i wear crushed clothes and broken clutches.these are the days i snap back at ppl and head straight to the canteen for coffee after the first hour.

"i love myself" day:

usually a Tuesday .the non controversial days wit no electronic hour.I'm neatly dressed and wear my fav. banana clip.I'm my usual "clowny"self.givin ppl valuable i cant keep my mouth shut at class and amitash/adithya/vijay trying to make me sound like a fool.these are the days i sit and post something on my blog.i wont orkut.and these are the days ppl tell me i look good and shoul dress like this daily.

"Wat have i done wit my life??????????" day:

horrible days when i feel like a loser and hate myself for something i did/had done.i will try my best to sound happy.But pree and choo find out and ask me"WATS wrong wit you?????why are you not talking???????"on these days i sign in to msgr .thees are the days ill reply even to forwards.ill call up yams and talk to her.ill try to start a nice converasation wit my mom about her view on the sri lankan issiue or something vague like how jehangir died ect.ill convince myself that every thing is fine and fall asleep.

"love my friends/family "day:

these are the days i plan and do something special for my friends/family.the most dangerous day for others cos try new dishes in the kitchen and force it down my bro's these are the days i talk sense,when choo remarks"never knew you could talk so much sense". i love these days.these are the days i get a good nights sleep.wish every day was like this.and it was one such day i helped pree on nehru dynasty.

"i want to do something gr8/mega/fantastic" Day:

well i will start off perfectly well wit me making gr8 plans about various things like

1. go to anna FM(i can c the entire sangam giggling)


3.change my college the class in the next test(at least in the next sem.)

5.stop canteening

6.protect all the orphan kids

it usually some impractical stupid plan ,which I'm sure is never going to work.but still i wont stop planning .ill partner wit anyone of my friends in the sangam,usually its gullible little(literally) sam.we discuss about it so much but finally the next day we forget the mega plan and sit and yap in the canteen.This habbit of mine irritates choo .choo gives this"omg!!!!!!!she never learns" expression .And thinks to herself this is the best way ot waste time.i can read you thoughts choo.

"i will talk sense" day:

the days when i get appreciated for being sensible.happens rarely don't worry.
"i need a better tomorrow" day
actually every day ends wit me hoping for a better tomorrow both for me and the world around me.