Tuesday, November 25, 2008


this is a recent write up i did for an english assignment about the movie life is beautiful. Thought i could share it in my blog:its not exactly a cut out but something similar to that .Ma’am how would you expect the world to react to something fabulous, beautiful and gripping? I think silence is the best reaction possible(but if I choose to remain silent ,I probably might not get marks).So here I’m ,trying to translate a beautiful experience. I loved the movie. The scene where a Nazi officer sends people in to the gas chambers and suddenly she trips and falls. She is helped by an old Jewish man who asks her if she is fine. I think this was the best part of the movie. The movie dealt with sacrifice and sacrifice and unconditional love in all its forms is beautiful. The movie made me believe in certain thing that I thought was non-existent in the world like unconditional love. Whatever happens life moves on. This is the beauty of life. Most of us start building our life on some one else’s sacrifices. This is what makes life worth living. After seeing the movie I really started believing in the concept of “soul” ‘cos I fell the movie touched my soul. The moral of the movie according to me is love gives man the courage to fight against even the mightiest army in the world .Even if it means losing yourself to safeguard your loved ones

Monday, November 24, 2008


I was travelling by 5B the other day, from T.nagar to Anna Uinversity. On the sides of the road I suddenly discovered the greatest truth about life. No wonder why Indian spirituality is famous abroad. How many of you believe in the divine cycle of life death and rebirth. I do. I really do. Let me explain how. From what I found on the road side.
Now ,where do we get our food from???????
From plants which are livining things.
What happens when people eat them .
The plants eventually die.
Now what happens after we finish importing?????????? .
We Export or we excrete(my post is getting dirty at this point)
.This again becomes manure for plants to grow and they give life again(can you see life-death-rebirth). When do you think these organisms attain salvation. They attain salvation only when some Indian living below poverty line(fondly called BPL by people who want to show that they know the basics of economics)decides to defecate on the road side.esp. On newly laid tar roads. From here the crap gets mixed with rain water or is consumed by more luckier creatures like dogs who don’t really have to bother about recession or what really the people in the U.S are doing with their money / lack of it I should say or it is stamped by another Indian .The crap attains salvation at last. It doesn’t really go back to the soil or something.Now getting to the point
We talk so much about what is happening in the U.S. Our satellite has touched the moon. But even today thousands of people who live in slums defecate on the road sides or in the open. Our government’s main concern is to provide foods to people.What are we going to do reaching the moon when our roadsides tell us the stories of millions of Indians who struggle for basic amenities???????? .Blame the poverty or the governments ineffiency in fighting poverty. Its really funny on the part of the government .What will the poor Indian do when rice is available for Re1,but a toilet is still a luxury?.The U.N says that only 33% of the Indian population has access to toilets. What happens to the rest of the crap? Who knows??????????
I usually observe to three people on my way to college.
A thin frail lady .Usually draped in a torn and dirty saree,with a baby next to her .During cold winter mornings the cold really bites all three of us. The mother, the baby and me. At times I find tea in a small pot near her. She sleeps under the watch shop in collector nagar right next to dhoni’s cut out. He stands there smartly with his titan watch shining .Staring at them just like me.
Just like how kolly wood heroes are advertising the Six-pack ab. This guy exhibits the poor Indian’s 24 pack ribcage. He bathes in this tap near the thirumangalam signal not bothered about passers by. And then proceeds to wash his shirt with a rin bar.Where does he have candle light dinners with his girlfriend/wife? Where does he go after watching a night show movie????????Nobody knows nobody cares either.
Some where near the saidapet bus stand you can find two or three human bodies sleeping on the dust covered from head to toe in an old rag. They rare not bothered about the scorching eight o’clock sun. They sleep on the foot path .but where do these bodies get up and go if it starts raining suddenly at night???????????
Its hard to believe that in 2007 there were 220.1 million people living below poverty line in india.I ts only statics that remain OF THESE 220.1 MILLION FACE LESS INDIANS .
Now if you wondered what we could do to eradicate poverty let me tell you what I feel
“If I knew what I could do to help rise the standard of living in our country why would I still be sitting before my computer and try to type a post like this.?????????I would probably be busy doing my bit for the nation rite. I can’t relly think of a solution to help the colleor nagar lady or the saidapet boys. Let me put it this way.if I had a worthwhile solution I still won’t be talking about poverty right???????”

Saturday, November 15, 2008


The happiest day of my life or let me say the day I remember to have experienced this distinct feeling of happiness happened when I was about four years old. Happiness is something that most humans strive for. Happiness is elusive .The best thing about this feeling of happiness is that it doesn’t happen every day. Imagine if only good things happened to you in your life, Day after day after day. Then would happiness still be all that great. If happy things happened to you daily then you would start equating happiness with monotony and happiness loses its sheen.I was three years old. My dad was my super man then. He used to have this old scooter on which he used to take me on short rides .so I remember this particular day nothing special happened on that day. It was just our usual scooter ride. But that day somehow still remains etched to my memory. I remember myself as this little kid with a kudumi ,on my fathers scooter .I can still feel the wind on my face, still remember my dad , the scooter mirror ,the speedometer I never had any questions on my mind at that time I felt like a princess. Now I feel that I had really experienced what freedom was on that day I felt like a little birdie. Today I equate happiness to a certain level with freedom.And this other day when I was in Kerala and I stamped elephant dung or the day I saw this huge elephant on the street during an onam procession. I was the only one on the street at that time .I still remember myself running frantically across the street and hitting my neighbors calling bell screaming “aana anna” on seeing the elephant .I dint really know what it was to feel scared at that time. I dint have doubts. I was happy really really happy .At that time, I never realized that these were those small things that people grew up with. The things that really makes us truly happy.


Its time I stopped running away from myself. As one of my college friends pointed out my blogs were like the class daily. I don’t like writing about myself because I’m scared might start hating my self I don’t believe in recording the sad things that have happened to me .I m running ,running away from myself.
I don’t know why but I always kind of tend to bother more about others than I do for myself .I think it is selfish to keep thinking about oneself alone. There is more to a person’s life than his or her own self.Im scared about what I might find if I look deep into myself. That’s why I turn to the world around me. Its an colorful illusion .Some might call it insecurity. Some prefer calling it escapism. Let me call myself an insecure escapist.
I’m the worst kind of escapist I run away from myself.btw I’m not sad or depressed. This is the way I’m .I have to live with myself. Love myself with out venturing to know who I really am. Its a confused state where you don’t know who you really are but u still love yourself ‘cos if you don’t love yourself don’t you think its stupid to expect the world to love you.
I remember a friend once saying “you can’t really tell the world everything. You need to have secrets”
Ultimately the conclusion is “don’t expect me to write anything about the way I feel don’t want to feel anything .I just react, with out much feeling “.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


Pre reading activity
True or false:
1. Sonia Gandhi was a waitress b4 she started going out with Rajiv gandhi:
2. Sanjay Gandhi was circumcised:
3. Sanjay Gandhi was an illegitimate child:
4. Preethi is insane:
5. Swathi is a genius:
6. Susan and samyuktha(a.ka. naai shekar) wanted to murder me:
1. (Answers: I don’t know but that’s wat preethi said
2. I don’t know but that’s wat preethi said
3. I don’t know bt that’s wat preethi said
4. I don’t know bt that’s wat sunitha ma’am said
5. I don’t know bt that’s the entire class said
6. true
Why can’t I just mind what my friends and family describe my business? Why is that I like getting involved in other peoples business and put them into trouble. Why am I such a clown??????
Preethi had to do a presentation on the Nehru dynasty nd I told her I didn’t mind helping her. So we spent an entire day at her place discussing a whole lot of other important issues except the dynasty. And ultimately the presentation turned out to be nasty. both of us misinterpreted the topic.i motivated her to do sumthing ridiculous.I hate myself at times like this when my friends get into trouble due to my stupidity.im sorry preethi.u lukd cute.
Sunitha ma’am was furious.but the entire class was curious to know abou who slept wit whom nd who gave birth to whom in the Nehru family.it was funny.ive never laughed this much lets say like since the time I was born. if I were sunitha maam this wud have been mt comment
Kalpana:clearly confused but good voice
Samyuktha: grow up and come to college after 4 years. The nursery school is on the next block. But in reference to your physical development your development of media project was good.
Preethi: extraordinary attempt and brilliant feed back should have given u the topic –karunanidhi. complan kudi
Swathi:a gift to the class.clear presentation and good voice.follow swathis example class.
Susan:peter peter peter.no fanta colour dress .kannu valikudhu
All the best ppl 4 ur mass comm. Presentation. Have fun and make me laugh

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

I hate the world

culturals-male chauvinism-mini skirts-self respect-MTC -busses-insecurity
If u wondered what connects these words read on:
I hate men
Not all men but some of them. Like the one I happened to put up with on the day of the culturals. The one who raped a twelve year old child or the ones who think women are made of plastic.
I also hate women. Not all of them but the ones who think men are stronger, the ones who don’t fight back, the women who are against women. There is just one question that rises in my mind whenever I see women in micro-mini skirt or a Brazilian bikini
What is so exciting about the female anatomy????????????
Why is it that I have to make sure that no man tries to touch me or misbehave with me in a crowded MTC bus???????
Why do I get offended when, some heartless insensitive indecent- jerk says vulgar things about women to win a competition??????
Why do I get angry when my parents say “journalism is only for men”?
Maybe because I’m a woman with traces of self respect .Maybe because I respect my own body and cant stand myself being some bastard’s sex toy in a crowded bus. Maybe because I think that treating another member of the opposite sex with a little dignity is more important than a stupid competition. Maybe because I think that women are stronger than men but they don’t fight back and don’t want their voices to be heard because they are scared of defeat.
It hurts .
I wish sanjay Gandhi was alive now to impose forced sterilization on men these who abuse women and treat them badly.At times I want to run at times I want to fight back. Most of the times it is disgusting and other times I feel vulnerable. Every women has a mind ,a heart and a body. No woman in her proper mind would like to give her heart away to a man who is only interested in her body. It makes her feel insecure.
I don’t like the way the world treats women. And most people think it is crazy trying to change the world.