Friday, September 16, 2011

ten reasons AGAIN!!!

Most of my best friends complained that they missed college :D Even i miss college , I miss AU, the fountains , the canteening ,amazing seniors like shriya and HP .But seriously intern sem has its own benefits.So here is my latest contribution the the literary world(soon to be made into a feature film):

Another ten reasons blog:

10.Free facebook all day ;)

After crappy filters at AU and 10,000 FB proxy site ,At inter sem. you jus dont have to worry abt anything or anyone !!Sp pliss enjoy free FB and free Gtalk all day

so yeah!! status msgs like :

Im typing

Im reading

Boringggg( wit like 20000 gggggg's )

yay!! im in office :)

etc etc is only possible during intern sem.

9.AC appice

We dont have to fight with the last bench guys for a seat under the fan!

we dont have to pich vagee, pull or slap drum (esp. when shamily slaps him , it like watching rise of the planet of the apes all over AGAIN) :)

you wanna knw y ?? y?? y ? because
Its full day AC appice

8.Free kapi
Story time:

Oru oorule our pantry irundhu!! ange oru naal hot chocolate kuduthanga !!

appo korangu fasta vandhu pantrya odaichutu andha hot chocolatea veerma pudugitu poiduchu !!that pudungi korangu escaped into the forest to drink all the chocolate up !! indha spot le oru yetcha girapppeee(aka kalpuuu) vandhu andha pudungi oda chocloate pudungi thinuduchu!!

thaniya thina girappe ellarum kannu vechadu naale fever and vaandi diarrhoea vandhu sethuduchu

Moral of the story:

piccha eduthud perumalu adha pudungi thinnu cha hanumaaru !!

BTW free tea coffe and snacks :)

7. Dress

After school days we get to see guys in formals :P mostly .

After CP's wanna be suriya clothes and Parthi who is from an entirely different planet !!We are pleased to see guysdressed in fromals, who speak englipissss
6.No Cell phone rules !!

You can yap! yap! yap! all you want .noone's gonna fine your parents 10k or confiscate your precious phone or debaar you !!

5.No Tests

No tests , which means not biting, which means no quarrelling for marks which means less TENSION!!last but not the least no need to waste money on xerox !! pay pay :D yay yay yay

Its true !!! some of us get paid :) for staying online mostly and making elobrate week end trip plans ;)

3. Enter the corporation !!

I knw !! bloody fools dnt knw the engliss ya !! we are all t corporates :D


Every day at DMS we battle boredom through various innovative ways!!

some of them, play cards, others gossip, some of them study, some of them wrk on maya , some of them make notes and most others spend the rest of their lives photocopying these notes :)

not to mention the one who organize campaigns and the ones who organize gate way !!

but apart frm this watever happens at DMS can be classified under the "extremely borin , so boring that even blogging abt it can kill you " category.

I was talking abt hours of sheer torture and pain called "lectures"

so yeah!! we dont have to endure painfully boring lectures anymore

1.More sleep better food

AC office, time time ku food !!

Oru manushanuku vera enna venum ??

vaanga paa nimadiya thoongalam ;)