Sunday, August 30, 2009


Tis is my write up which came in the times of india on the 30th of august:
It’s my father’s birthday. He did not invent a new element, win the Booker prize, save people from a burning train or go to jail for a cause. My dad is just like me — casual, funny and normal, like most of us. When I was in the first or second standard, I used to think my father had given birth to me, till other enlightened minds at school helped me understand that fathers don’t give birth to babies and that “babies come from a mother’s stomach”. Dad got married when he was only 24. My mom is a Hindu and he belonged to an orthodox Christian family, but he never imposed his religion or beliefs on my mother or me. I got my first cycle when I was in the first standard. It was Dad’s gift when I stood first in my class. I learnt to follow my dreams from his example. He never tells anyone to do anything, he just sets an example for others to follow. When I was a kid, Dad used to go on official trips frequently. I always used to wait for him to come home and show him some stupid picture I drew or tell him how I fought with my friends. I always had a lot to tell. My dad never told me to work hard, he never told me to set any kind of future goal and work towards it or something similar straight out of a self-help book. He is a simple man who started his life with an old scooter, a degree in sociology, a young wife and big dreams. Dad taught me that the only person I can depend on in this whole wide world is ‘me’. This year, on his birthday, I haven’t got him any gift. but I sat and wondered about the gifts he’s given me all through my life. This birthday was not about cakes and greeting cards. For the first time I understood that Dad was growing old. But strangely, I’m not sad, instead I’m happy because I’m growing up. I’m happy because slowly I will have to take his place in the family and one fine day I’ll grow up to earn enough money to get my father a nice gift and pay bills. I’m also happy because I have dreams that are going to come true. And because I can share his responsibilities. I’m also happy because I know my dad has raised me to be strong .And because I can share his responsibilities. I’m also happy because I know my dad has raised me to be strong and independent. Dad, I love you. You are the strongest person I’ve ever seen. You are the best Dad in the entire world — this is what most kids say and most of them mean it. Thanks, Dad, for all the valuable lessons you have taught me.


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